Medicinal Nutrition / Weight Management

A branch of medical practice that emphasizes the treatment of medical disorders through the manipulation and massage of the bones, joints, and muscles.

Medicinal Nutrition / Weight Management

Nutrition is one of the key components of an optimal health. At the Ariana Health Centre, we take into consideration every aspects of health that may help our clients and patients achieve their optimal health and general wellbeing. This is why we have partnered with the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition (CAASN) to offer nutritional services .
Nutritional services offered at the Arian Health Centre via CAASN includes:
1) bariatric nutrition (weight loss),
2) fitness nutrition (dietary changes for regular gym goers and recreational exercisers),
3) sports nutrition (applying nutrition and diet to sports to achieve an optimal athletic performance, manipulate the energy systems in the body in favor of a peak athletic performance, and accelerate exercise recovery) and
4) medicinal nutrition (applying dietary changes and food supplementation in medical conditions to promote healing process and support the body).

> Practitioner: Abazar Habibinia , MD
> Business Days: Mon - Sat
> Schedule: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
At the Ariana Health Centre, we have the two following nutritional packages:

Package A:

This package consists of an initial session of 2 hours in duration and the follow-up sessions of 30 minutes in duration each. The number of follow-up sessions varies from one person to another depending on how complicated or easy your case would be.
Initial session includes:
- Nutritional assessment.
- Body composition analysis.
- Explaining weight loss patterns.
- Explaining body metabolism.
- Adjusting your daily protein intake depending on your goals and medical conditions.
- Adjusting your daily carbohydrate and fiber intakes depending on your goals and medical conditions.
- Analysing your food journal.
- Creating your first meal plan based on your lifestyle and physical activity.
Follow-up sessions include:
- Body composition analysis.
- Applying additional changes depending on your goals.
- Recommending weight loss accelerators based on your case.
- Creating additional meal plans.
Comparison between nutritional services offered at the Ariana Health Centre and by Naturopathic doctors (NDs)

Ariana Health Centre via CAASN Naturopathic Doctors
Initial session 2 hours for $200.00 1 hour for $180.00
Follow-up sessions 30 minutes for $55.00 30 minutes for $90.00


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